The Two Brewers is a Harvey's pub and we always have four regular Harvey's Ales on tap and one seasonal Ale.

Our regular Ales are Best Bitter 4%, Hadlow IPA 3.5%, Old Ale 4.3% and Dark Mild 3%.

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Harvey's Ale is renowned throughout the South East of England for its wonderful range of traditional cask ales. These ales are unpasteurised and are known as the champagne of beers. We believe this is achieved by selecting the finest raw materials and combining them with unique ‘local’ conditions brewed within a traditional brew house.

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Price List


Pint1/2 PintWines175ml250mlBottleSnacks
1664 5%4.002.00House White125ml House Wines £2.50All Nuts1.00
Guinness 4.2%3.902.00All Crisps1.00
Thatchers 4.8%3.401.70Sauvignon Blanc 12.5%3.604.8013.50Twiglets0.90
Fosters 4%3.601.80Pinot 12.5%3.604.8013.50Monster Munch0.90
Symonds 4.5%3.001.50Chardonnay 13%3.604.8013.50Pork Scratchings1.00
Amstel 4.1%3.801.90House RedHula Hoops1.00
Harvey's AlesPint1/2 PintCheddars0.80
Merlot 11.5%3.604.8013.50Cockles2.50
Best 4%3.401.70Cabernet Sauvignon 13%3.604.8013.50Pickled Egg0.70
Hadlow 3.5%3.201.60Premium RedPepperami1.00
Old / Olyimpia 4.3%3.701.90
Mild 3%3.101.60Malbec 14%4.105.5015.50
4.002.00Montepulciano 13%4.105.5015.50
Harvey's Bottled AlesBottlesRioja Crianza 13.5%19.95
House Rose
Elizabethan Ale 7.5%2.70
Stout3.10Zinfandel 11.5%3.604.8013.50
Pale Ale 3.2%1.60Blush 12%3.604.8013.50
Lewis Castle 4.8%3.60Sparkling Wine
John Hop/Bill Brewer >1%1.60
Bloomsbury Brown 2.8%1.60Prosecco Frizzante 11%15.00
Alcohol DrinksBottles
Baileys 17%3.30
Bulmers Red 4%4.00Malibu 21%2.20
Bulmers Original 4.5%Archers 18%2.20
Old Mout 4%3.70Jameson 40%2.20
Smirnoff Ice 4%3.50Bell's2.20
Crabbies Ginger Beer 4%3.80The Famous Grouse 40%2.20
Desperados 5.9%3.70Smirnoff Vodka 39.5%2.20
Merry Down 4%4.00Bacardi 37.5%2.30
Peroni 5.1%3.50Gordon's Gin 37.5%2.20
Hooch 4%4.00Gordon's Sloe Gin 26%2.20
Thatchers Rose 5.4%4.00Southern Comfort 35%2.50
Soft DrinksBottlesMount Gay Rum 40%2.60
Wood's Rum 51%2.60
J2O2.00Courvoisier 40%2.60
Frobishers2.00Jack Daniel's 40%2.50
Appletiser1.70Jack Daniel's Honey 35%2.50
ElderFlower1.70Tequila 38%3.10
Bottle Coke / Diet Coke1.30Hendick's Gin 41.4%, Tanqueray Gin 43.1%, Bombay Sapphire 40%
Ginger Beer2.002.50
Sparkling Water1.30
Baby Mixer Tonic/Diet Tonic, Orange, Tomato, Pineapple, Cranberry, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale 1.30Pimms 25%2.50
Glanlivet 40%,     Glenfiddich 40%,     Macallan 40%3.30
Draught Soft DrinksPint1/2 PintPernod 40%2.40
Morgan Spice 35%2.60
Orange Juice3.001.50Remy Martin 40%4.00
Coke/Diet/Lemonade2.601.30Asbach 38%3.50
Mixer Dash0.50Tia Maria 20%2.30
Cordial0.50Cherry Brandy 24%2.50
Soda WaterFreeCointreau 40%2.50
Tap WaterFreeDrambuie 40%2.50
Hot DrinksSambuca Black 38%      Sambuca White 40%3.00
Americano1.75Sourz 15%2.50
Latte2.00Disaronno 28%2.40
Cappuccino2.00Jagermeister 35%2.40
Espresso1.80Goldshlager 40%2.50
Tea1.95Thunder 29.9%3.20
Hot Chocolate1.3050ml
Liquor Coffee4.20
House Vodka 37.5%3.00
Campari 25%2.40
Stone's Ginger Wine 13.5%2.50
Cinzano 15%2.20
Martini Rosso 15%2.20
Martini Extra Dry 15%2.20
Port Ramo Pinto 19.5%2.50
Port White 19%2.50
Harveys Bristol 17.5%2.40